Wednesday, 25 January 2012


A postcard of this painting has been tacked up by my bed since somebody left it at the box office I was working at a few years ago at the Edinburgh fringe. It really made my day then and I still love it now. 

As the postcard has yellowed with age, the colours of the image have become richer – like the darkening of a varnished oil painting. Strangely, I prefer my postcard to the painting itself, which is tiny and swamped by a bulky frame.

It’s sometimes oddly reassuring to be really drawn to an artwork whilst knowing absolutely nothing about it. I was happy to discover that George Leslie Hunter is Scottish – Happy Burns Night!

George Leslie Hunter  (1877-1931) Peonies in a Chinese Vase, c.1928 Oil on board, 61 x 50.8cm, The Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation

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